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Request FBI Apostille Online

We specialize in making the FBI Background check Apostille process effortless and efficient. With our seasoned expertise, we ensure a seamless authentication experience, navigating complexities to prevent any delays with the Federal Government

Use our FBI Background Apostille Request form below to have us start on your Apostille Now

Apostille Request - FBI Background Check

Your Basic Contact information
Upload Your FBI Background Check
Upload File
Shipping Method to Federal Government & to Return back Home

We like to keep things simple but, we also like to give you the chance to save some money! You have two options regarding the shipping of your documents. 

Option 1: We can purchase UPS Shipping labels for you. We charge a small up-charge for this.

Option 2: You can provide us with 2 UPS Shipping labels. We have detailed instructions on how to do this online here.

Would you like to provide your own UPS Shipping Labels?
Upload PDF Label
Upload Shipping Label
Choose your Method of Processing
Choose your options
Acknowledgement of Processing times from the US Government

Disclaimer: While Notary on the Fly NW & Apostille Services is committed to providing reliable and efficient assistance with your FBI Background check Apostille, we want to clarify that we cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstances, or issues arising from third-party shipping services. Additionally, please be aware that we cannot guarantee the processing time of the US Government. The federal government advises an estimated processing time of 8-10 weeks from the date they receive our request. We strive to expedite the process on our end and keep you informed, Your understanding and patience are greatly appreciated as we work diligently to facilitate the authentication of your FBI Background check for overseas use.

Thanks for your request, We will get on this right away!

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