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Mobile Notary in Clackamas, Oregon

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Looking for a Mobile Notary or Apostille in Clackamas, Oregon? 

We are the Top-Rated Local Mobile Notary in Clackamas, OR

Book an appointment with us knowing you are getting the best deal and the upmost experienced Mobile Notary or Apostille agent.

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Mobile Notary 

Need a notary public to you? We have notaries available anytime!

We're here 24/7

We operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call us anytime for questions or scheduling. No after hour fees with us.

Apostille Services

Documents going to another country? 
Avoid document rejection. Trust our experts. 

We are Local

We are local and trusted in the community. Support local business by letting us help you!

Loan Signings

Home & Auto Loan Signing agents. We are certified Signing Agents.


We are well educated in notarial law, international documents, Home loans, Home sales, purchases and so much more!

Popular Documents needing Notarization

  • Acknowledgements

  • Real Estate documents

  • Estate Planning documents

  • Affidavit of forgery

  • Affidavit of inheritance

  • Application for delivery of mail through an agent

  • Application for duplicate title

  • Bank transfer service forms (if required by your bank)

  • Bill of Sale

  • Child power of attorney

  • Contracts (depending on the complexity and value)

  • Deed of trust

  • Death benefit form 

  • Designated beneficiary for retirement 

  • Durable power of attorney

  • Grant deed

  • Identity theft victim's complaint and affidavit

  • Issue a passport to a minor (with parental consent)

  • Jurats

  • Living trust

  • Medical authorization for minor

  • Parental consent for travel

  • Passport parental consent

  • Power of attorney

  • Promissory note agreements 

  • Quitclaim deed

  • Retirement distribution 

  • Statement of consent

  • Temporary guardianship agreement

  • Wills Last will and testament Unclaimed property form

  • Much more..... 

Mobile Notary in Clackamas, Oregon
Clackamas County Notary Public

Get a Mobile Notary to you no matter where you are. Our traveling Notaries are ready to help you anytime. 

Documents Require a Apostille In Clackamas, Oregon

Oregon Apostille (2).png

Are your documents going outside of the United States? You will need to have your documents Apostilled. 

Let our experts save you the stress of your documents being rejected. We make the Apostille Process in Oregon a Breeze.

We can complete State Level Apostilles within the Same or Next business day. 

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