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Mobile Notary
Right to you

Need your Document Notarized? 

We will travel to you at any hour at an affordable rate.

Washington & Oregon's Top-Rated Mobile Notary Service.

Online in All 50 States
24/7 Availability

In Person Services In: Vancouver, Portland & Surrounding areas

  • Temporary guardianship agreement

  • Wills Last will and testament Unclaimed property form

  • Much more..... 

Saving you time & Money

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  • We have the lowest prices in all of Vancouver & Portland.

  • We handle a high volume of Notary & Apostille Requests. This allows us to offer the best pricing hands down. 

  • We guarantee all our Notarizations, Apostilles and Ink Fingerprints to be error free. It's nice not having to worry about document rejections. Saving you Time and Money. 


      Get it done Right the First Time!

Traveling Mobile Notary Solutions, Vancouver WA, Portland, OR & Surrounding areas

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Say goodbye to notary public hassles!

Can't get to a notary office?

Sick of long lines and limited hours?


We've got you covered. Our traveling mobile notary solutions come right to your door – wherever you are, whenever you need us.

Home, office, your favorite coffee shop, even the hospital

– we'll be there!


Our flexible scheduling lets you get your documents notarized on your time, even after regular business hours.

What does a Notary Public Do?

Notaries are like the official witnesses for your important paperwork. Often times documents will require a Notary Public to prevent fraud.


The things a Notary Public will do:

  • Verify your identity: They make sure you really are who you say you are, which helps prevent fraud.

  • Witness your signature: They watch you sign the document, making it official and harder to dispute later.

  • Complete the notarization: They add their special stamp and signature, basically saying "I saw this happen, and it's legit!"

Lots of important documents need a notary's touch, like real estate papers, loan documents, wills, and more. It's that extra layer of security that makes a big difference!

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Why do I need a Mobile Notary?

Mobile Service.png

Think of a Mobile Notary as your personal notary-on-the-Go!


Often times, we don't have time to wait on hold to schedule appointments, or the time to fight with traffic on I5 or I205 to get to a Notary.

Most of us work a 9-5 job. When are we supposed to get down to our bank or Notary Public office? Let us help...


Instead of you going to a notary office, having to make an appointment or wait restlessly in long lines. Our Mobile Notary Public agent will comes to you. Anytime, Anywhere.

It's the ultimate in convenience and privacy.

Get your important documents signed and sealed at your home, work, favorite coffee shop, or wherever works best for you!

Popular Documents needing Notarization

  • Acknowledgements

  • Real Estate documents

  • Estate Planning documents

  • Affidavit of forgery

  • Affidavit of inheritance

  • Application for delivery of mail through an agent

  • Application for duplicate title

  • Bank transfer service forms (if required by your bank)

  • Bill of Sale

  • Child power of attorney

  • Contracts (depending on the complexity and value)

  • Deed of trust

  • Death benefit form 

  • Designated beneficiary for retirement 

  • Durable power of attorney

  • Grant deed

  • Identity theft victim's complaint and affidavit

  • Issue a passport to a minor (with parental consent)

  • Jurats

  • Living trust

  • Medical authorization for minor

  • Parental consent for travel

  • Passport parental consent

  • Power of attorney

  • Promissory note agreements 

  • Quitclaim deed

  • Retirement distribution 

  • Statement of consent

Main Service Areas Vancouver, Portland & Surrounding areas

If you don't see your area on our coverage area, we still may be able to assist! Just ask us by chatting now.

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