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Hospital Mobile Notary Services
Vancouver, WA & Portland, OR

Schedule a Mobile Notary with us -   " We won't charge you extra fee's for meeting at the Hospital "

Need a Hospital Notary? 

Need a Mobile Notary to visit you in the Hospital?

For those navigating the challenges of a hospital stay. Recognizing the importance of seamless notarization, our dedicated team specializes in assisting patients who may be unable to sign documents themselves while in the hospital.

 No ID with you while in the hospital? No problem.


We facilitate the process by employing two credible witnesses to verify identity, ensuring efficient and hassle-free notarization within the hospital environment.


We prioritize your peace of mind and convenience, and we proudly offer our mobile notary services in hospitals without any additional fees. Trust us to handle your legal documentation needs with compassion and expertise, making the notarization process straightforward and stress-free. Contact us today for a reliable and supportive mobile notary experience, tailored for the unique circumstances of a hospital setting. 

Mobile Notary Hospital 

Power of attorney 

Advanced Health Care Directives

Hospital Mobile Notary Services

Flexability of our Hospital Notary Services

Amidst the dynamic nature of hospital stays, we acknowledge the rapid changes that can occur. Recognizing the exigency of your circumstances, we stand ready to provide Mobile Notary services tailored to the unique demands of hospital settings.


At Mobile Notary on the Fly NW, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled flexibility in appointment scheduling, ensuring that we can accommodate last-minute service requests promptly.


Whether you require notarization urgently before a medical procedure or preceding the administration of medications, our commitment to delivering top-notch hospital notary services remains unwavering. Trust us to seamlessly integrate our professional services into your healthcare journey with precision and reliability.

I am unable to sign any paperwork, Can you still Notarize my Power of Attorney or Health Care Directive? 

Absolutely, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise during a hospital stay, preventing you from physically signing important documents such as a power of attorney. Rest assured, our Mobile Notary services are specifically designed to address such challenges. We are well-equipped to navigate situations where individuals are unable to sign personally.

In such cases, we implement a secure and legally compliant process. Our experienced notaries can work with two credible witnesses to verify your identity and witness the signing of the document on your behalf. This ensures that, even if you are confined to your hospital bed, we can facilitate the notarization of your power of attorney or any other essential documents.


Wide Range of Notary Services:

At Notary on the Fly NW, we offer comprehensive notary services to meet all your requirements. From witnessing signatures to notarizing legal documents, our skilled notaries provide efficient and reliable services.

Expert Notaries You Can Trust:


Our team of professional notaries is dedicated to delivering impeccable service. With Notary on the Fly NW, you can trust that your documents will be handled with the utmost care and expertise.

Our Mobile Notary Services in Portland Include:

  • Real Estate Transactions and Property Deeds

  • Loan Signings

  • Legal Documents

  • Power of Attorney

  • Vehicle Release of Interest

  • Wills

  • Advanced Health Care Directives

  • Affidavits

  • Single Status Affidavits 

  • Name Affidavits

  • Minor Consent to Travel

  • And Much More!...

Schedule Your Notary Appointment Today!

Experience the convenience of Mobile Notary Services near you with Notary on the Fly NW.


Schedule your appointment today using our easy online booking system. We're committed to providing efficient, reliable, and professional notary services tailored to your needs.

Contact Notary on the Fly NW for all your notary needs in Portland. We bring the notary to you – wherever you are!

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Fair & Easy Pricing
Travel Fee
$60 to most areas
Per Notarization     $10
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We don't Nickle & Dime you.


Most companies will charge extra for hospital signings and notarization. 

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