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Are Notaries available in the hospital in Washington & Oregon

Patients receiving care in hospitals often require the notarization of legal documents, sometimes urgently. While certain administrative personnel within hospitals may hold Notary Public commissions, their responsibilities are typically confined to internal paperwork. Most hospitals in Oregon and Washington have implemented policies that prohibit staff from notarizing legal documents for patients.

Why Don't Hospital Staff Act as Witnesses for Documents?

Hospital staff refrain from serving as witnesses due to potential legal ramifications. Healthcare institutions may be held liable if any issues arise. Additionally, some states have enacted regulations preventing healthcare workers from acting as witnesses in residential facilities, citing concerns about conflicts of interest and document authenticity.

In light of these restrictions, healthcare facilities advise patients to seek assistance from Mobile Notary firms. Notary on the Fly NW of Vancouver & Portland is a reputable provider serving Oregon and Washington. Our team of 24/7 Mobile Notaries Public is equipped to travel to hospitals and care facilities to meet notarization needs.

What if I can't find witnesses at the hospital?

If you find yourself without a witness for your document in a hospital or care facility, Notary on the Fly NW can assist you with Document Witnesses. We provide witnesses for an additional fee, but we also have a unique approach. Often, we reach out to other patients' family members who are waiting in the lobby. In our experience, individuals in these settings appreciate the opportunity to stretch their legs and help out. This method enables us to find a document witness while minimizing the extra cost for witnessing services.

What Types of Documents Require Notarization in Healthcare Settings?

Legal documents frequently requiring notarization in hospitals include:

  • Advance Directives: Legal documents outlining a patient's preferences for medical treatment.

  • Power of Attorney: Designating someone to make financial or healthcare decisions on behalf of the patient.

  • HIPA Consent Forms: Required for release of medical information and communication.

  • Wills, Trusts

  • Release of Motor Vehicle: Necessary for the release of impounded vehicles.

Where Can I Find Notary Services in Oregon and Washington?

Notary on the Fly NW of Vancouver & Portland offers professional Mobile Notary services throughout Oregon and Washington. With convenient 24/7 availability, we bring notarization services directly to your location. Our licensed, insured, and experienced team ensures a seamless notarization process. To schedule an appointment or for more information, visit or call/text 360-836-6446.

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