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Everything You Need to Know About a Mobile Notary

So, What's a Mobile Notary?

We understand a Notary Public will verify the identity of all signers on the document. Next, the Notary Public will either attest to the signer's acknowledgment that they executed the document themselves or that the Notary witnessed the signing itself. This process helps ensure the validity of the document and protects against fraudulent activity.

A mobile notary travels directly to you, on your schedule – home, office, coffee shop, hospital, care home, you name it – to handle your notarizations. Mobile Notaries are the ultimate solution for busy people or those who are unable to easily leave their home and needs documents authenticated or Notarized.

Why choose a Mobile Notary Service?

  • Convenience: Life happens on your schedule, not a notaries schedule. We can come to you anytime day or night.

  • Speed: From Power of attorney signings to urgent home closing documents, or even apostille for another country, mobile notaries speed up transactions. No more waiting in line! or worrying about document rejections. Mobile Notaries are well educated in all types of requests. Mobile Notaries handle a greater Varity of documents.

  • Stress Relief: Particularly useful for the elderly or those with mobility issues. A mobile notary makes the process hassle-free and discreet.

What Gets Notarized Anyway?

Loads of things! Here's just a taste:

  • Real Estate Deals: Closings, deeds, mortgage documents

  • Legal Matters: Power of attorney, affidavits, trusts, wills

  • Personal Docs: Travel consent forms, medical authorizations

...And More! If it needs a legal stamp, a notary can likely help.

Mobile Notaries: Your Secret Weapon

Imagine closing a big deal from the comfort of your home or finalizing sensitive documents without leaving your workplace. Mobile notaries are lifesavers for:

  • Businesses: Streamlined paperwork and client satisfaction

  • Individuals: Important documents handled on their own time

  • Healthcare: Medical documents notarized without stressful travel for patients

  • Lenders: Secure loan processes with convenient signings

How Do I Find a Stellar Mobile Notary?

Glad you asked! Here's the scoop:

  • Qualifications: Each state has its own requirements but generally you will want to make sure your notary is: Licensed, Bonded & Insured. Not all States require the Notary to carry Errors and omissions Insurance coverage, its recommended you choose a Notary Public who does have E&O insurance. It's also a good rule of thumb to choose a Notary who is at least 2 years into their commission.

  • Reliability: You need someone punctual and professional. Check reviews and reputation.

  • Versatility: Some notaries specialize, so ensure they can handle your specific documents.

  • Experience: Mobile Notaries are very experienced in handling all types of situations. Can't sign yourself? Lost or expired ID? we can help in all of these situations.

Need a Notary on the Double?

That's where Notary on the Fly NW & Apostille Services comes in! We offer flexible appointments, wide-ranging document expertise, and are dedicated to making your notarizations effortless.

The Takeaway

Don't let document woes slow you down! A mobile notary delivers convenience and peace of mind, so you can focus on what truly matters. Be sure to choose an experienced company like Notary on the Fly NW. We have been doing this for years, and are well educated in Notarial Law.

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