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Looking for a Service Professional to Come to You?

Whether it's plumbing, HVAC, housekeeping, Mobile Notary Services, or similar business models, finding a service professional who travels to your location can be convenient. However, we believe it's essential to alert our local community about nationwide companies that may not be what they seem.

These companies often market themselves as local businesses, giving the impression that they operate in your area. While some of them may indeed be legitimate, it's crucial to understand how these services operate.

Many of these nationwide companies charge significantly higher fees, only to subcontract the work to local service providers at a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, this practice can result in customers paying exorbitant prices for services that could be obtained much more affordably.

At Notary on the Fly NW, we've witnessed instances where customers have paid up to four times our standard rate for mobile notary services, only to have the appointed "agent" fail to show up. This raises serious concerns about the legitimacy of such operations and whether they constitute outright scams.

While there are undoubtedly exceptional Nationwide Signing Agencies, our concern lies with Nationwide Companies advertising General Notary Services. In Oregon, we've noticed several nationwide entities leveraging Google Ads to feature prominently in local search results. Upon contacting these services for a single notarized signature, we were astonished to receive quotes averaging around $140 for the first signature notarized. We all know this pricing model is unethical. 

Choosing a company located in your state ensures not only transparency but also accountability. If you're unsure about a company's credentials, you can verify their state license through your Secretary of State's website.

We're committed to raising awareness about this issue because we've seen far too many individuals fall victim to these deceptive practices. Don't become another statistic—opt for a local company that you can trust to provide reliable service at a fair price.
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