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Diving into the Complexity of Non-Hague Apostilles

Apostille Confusion? Your Guide to Non-Hague Countries Oregon Apostille, Washington Apostille.

State Level Apostille Washington
State Level Apostille (Washington)
Navigating apostilles is tricky enough, but when the country you're dealing with isn't part of the Hague Convention, it gets even more complex. This post simplifies the process for non-Hague countries, so your documents get where they need to go.

What's the Difference: Hague vs. Non-Hague

The Hague Convention streamlines apostilles for member countries. It allows your document to be recognized for use in that country simply after Notary and State level Apostille.

Non-Hague countries require a multi-step authentication process including, Notary, State level Apostille, Federal Authentication and then the last step is to be authenticated by the Embassy or Consulate.

Federal Apostille
Federal Apostille Certificate

Use a Professional Service to Prevent Rejections or Delays.

When processing your documents its important everything is done correctly to satisfy the US state officials as well as your receiving country. Often times US laws will contradict international laws in other countries. It's important to follow the Laws of both the US and the receiving country. The slightest missed detail will cause your documents to be rejected. When your documents are going to a non-Hague country its a 4 step process. It's important to monitor the progression of your documents throughout the process. Using our Apostille Service
We will track your documents though each step.

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