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Solving Document Dilemmas for Those Unable to Sign

Can't Sign Your Documents? How Our Mobile Notaries Make It Possible

Sometimes life throws curveballs that make signing important documents difficult – illness, injury, or even logistical challenges. That's where Notary on the Fly Mobile Notaries step in. This post explores when you need a mobile notary and how they ensure the process is secure and legal, even with signing limitations or an expired ID.

Situations That May Require a Mobile Notary

Disability or Illness: Limited mobility? Recovering from surgery? Mobile notaries come to you for a convenient, stress-free experience.
Remote Locations: Live far from traditional notary offices? We'll travel to your home, workplace, or care facility.
Non-Traditional Signing Methods: If you can't sign conventionally, mobile notaries are trained to work with various methods (thumbprints, mark-making, signature by proxy (someone can sign for you) etc.) We are well trained and educated in notarial law. We all have the right to have our documents notarized without limitations getting in the way. Let us help with your situation.

Safeguarding Validity: How We Ensure It's Legal

Witnessing and Verification: We carefully follow state guidelines for alternative signing methods. We guarantee your documents will be properly notarized.
Detailed Notarial Journal: We choose to use a Digital Notary Journal. Its the most secure method of notarial record keeping. Our Digital Journal protects the integrity of your legal documents while keeping a lifetime secure record. We use a secure cloud database, no matter what happens in life; we will always have a secure record of your signing.

Call us now and let us assist you today: (360) 836 - 6446

We serve a wide coverage area! Portland, Salam, Clackamas, Oregon City, Gladstone, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Milwuakie, Gresham, Troutdale, Vancouver, Camas, Ridgefield, La Center, Longview, and more.....

 If you or a loved one face signing challenges, don't let important documents go unhandled. Contact us for compassionate, knowledgeable mobile notary service.

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